Alex wp Backup

Alex wp Backup

WP Backup is a plugin compatible with the bbPress plugin that allows you to easily preform an sql backup and and create a tar and gzipped backup of your /wp-content/ directory from within your dashboard. The plugin is very secure and only allows administrators to preform a backup. This plugin allows you to create a backup and download it or upload it to your Dropbox or email it to the administrator as an attatchment. This plugin also works great and has been tested on blogs with thousands of posts.

See Known Compatible Hosts

See How to restore a backup


How do i install?

upload the extracted folder to your wp-plugins directory and activate in the plugins panel


The settings are very basic, it doesn’t matter which option you choose, I included all of them because some hosts disable one but not the other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this plugin compatible with WordPress Multi Site?

A: No, This plugin is NOT recommended for WordPress Multi Site websites, it allows every admin to every blog access to your backup.

Q: How do I tell when a backup was created?

A: Usually most computers (PC, Linux and Mac) have a “date modified” feature in the file manager, that will tell you when it was downloaded to your PC, or if you chose to send it in an email, it will say in your email provider the date you recieved the message.

Q: Does this plugin work with XAMPP on Windows?

A: No, this plugin doesn’t operate properly under Windows

Q: What setting do I choose?

A: You can choose any setting, They all do the same I included them all because some hosts disable one but not the other.

That’s it!

I am open to feature requests, please post them below

No, This plugin is NOT recommended for WordPress Multi Site websites, it allows every admin to every blog access to your backup.

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  1. Pinocchio
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 07:05:05

    after installig it on wp 3.3.1 I got this error:
    The plugin generated 632 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.
    Plus it don’t save the bakup settings.


    • Anthony
      Apr 13, 2012 @ 10:13:59

      Hi, it frequently shows that error due to steps taken on the first setup so that is fine, When you go to “Backup Site” in the Dashboard, Does any of “passthru()” “system()” “exec()” highlight with green?


  2. Tharik Ahamed
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 10:37:44



  3. Patrick Shrier
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 05:11:21

    How do I restore a backup if I need to?


  4. Cat
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 14:15:09

    This is probably a really dumb question, but I click generate backup and a lot of text appears but no button to “save as” or anything like that, so I really don’t know how to generate or save the .sql file.


    • Anthony
      Oct 01, 2011 @ 04:21:50

      There is no such thing as a dumb question, When the text appears just copy all the text and save it in Notepad as a .sql file. Don’t use WordPad or Microsoft Word to save this file.


  5. Riddik
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 13:46:55

    When I click on generate backup I get the following error.

    can’t open file, are you sure I have permission to open the file?

    please advise.


    • Anthony
      Sep 16, 2011 @ 19:12:53

      This error means that the plugin can’t write or open the backup folder, and you have to set permissions to “775″ See In addition you might also have to create the backup folders because the plugin was not allowed during installation. The folders are “alex-backups” and “alex-file-backups” and should be created in the /wp-content/ directory with permissions of “775″.


  6. Daniel Budreg
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 17:25:56

    i am using your plugin and i get a strange error message:
    The settings for WordPress SQL Backup are empty!

    To fix this, Go to “Backup Site” in the administration menu and select an option in the “Settings” area then click “Save Changes”

    The settings for WordPress File Backup are empty!

    To fix this, Go to “Backup Site Files” in the administration menu and select an option in the “Settings” area then click “Save Changes”

    I can´t even see any “Settings” are in the plugin; should i just delete and try a reinstall?


    • Anthony
      Sep 09, 2011 @ 18:08:58

      These errors mean that the options for those sections of the plugins are not set. And to fix this Go to the menu “Backup Site” in your WordPress Dashboard and under where it says “Settings:” in each backup option choose either passthru(), system() or exec() and click “Save Changes” Thanks for using my Plugin!


      • sprout
        Sep 13, 2011 @ 11:17:35

        what does each option mean?


        • Anthony
          Sep 13, 2011 @ 15:51:07

          They all work the same, I just included all of them because some hosts disable one but not the other.


  7. Brandon
    Sep 05, 2011 @ 13:26:31

    I downloaded the 5.0 update and now when I click on Backup Site I get a message saying that the settings are blank. There is no way to go to a settings page to make changes. I see settings: on the backup site page with three things listed in red under it. I can’t change these things by clicking on them or anything. Under that is a Save Changes button but I can’t make any changes to save. I went ahead and clicked on it and nothing happened, and the backup site function works the same way for me as before.
    I need more help with this.


    • admin
      Sep 05, 2011 @ 18:31:54

      Hello!, The settings in red indicate that those options are not enabled by your server administrator, if all of them are red then that means that all of the options are unavailable and can’t be used. This means that your server doesn’t meet the requirements for these plugins, either having “exec()”, “passthru()” or “system()” enabled. All of these are questions to ask your server administrator about enabling them.


  8. Brandon
    Sep 04, 2011 @ 22:41:24

    When I try to generate a backup I always get this message: Warning: exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/satyre08/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-sql-backup/sql_export.php on line 13. Then If I try to download my backup I just get an incomplete version of the front page of my blog.
    I asked my host what to do about enabling the exec() and he said to ask the plugin writer.
    Please help!


    • admin
      Sep 04, 2011 @ 23:31:27

      Yes, You are one of a group of people who’s hosts have the “exec()” function disabled, tonight I am building a fix so you can choose an alternative if available, all you have to do on your part is upgrade the plugin to version 5.0 . Thanks for using my plugins!


  9. Zaheed Manuel
    Aug 30, 2011 @ 00:39:29


    I activated the latest plugin (v3) on my blog. However, it doesn’t allow me to put an index.php file in the Alex backup folder in the wp-contents folder. I even tried changing the permissions to 777, that don’t work as well.


    • admin
      Aug 30, 2011 @ 02:32:20

      Have you tried some sort of CPanel interface to work from? or a file manager on a web host? I would contact your hosting provider and ask about the file permissions if I were you.


    • admin
      Aug 30, 2011 @ 02:40:27

      If the backup was successfully created and you were either able to download it or email it to yourself, then files are able to be created by the web server. I plan to re-release an updated version that will automatically check for the missing index.php and if it is missing, place an empty one in the /alex-backups/ folder.


    • admin
      Aug 30, 2011 @ 02:58:54

      There we go!, I just released version 4, now the index.php file is automatically created in /alex-backups/ if possible! :) Now all you have to do is re-install version 4 from or wait for the update to be available.


  10. Libia
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 18:44:40

    I get a header already sent error. Not allowing me to uninstall the plugin


    • admin
      Aug 22, 2011 @ 19:06:45

      Hi, Just delete the plugin and WordPress will automatically uninstall it. Please wait for updates and I will fix the issue.


    • admin
      Aug 22, 2011 @ 19:17:27

      The problem has been fixed, please re-upload the newest version of the plugin


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